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"Pulga Wars"

1.  Film soon to be released "Pulga Wars".  It is a Luz Y Verdad Entertainment short film about "Fredo" Martinez who on Saturdays likes to sell at the local Flea Market in deep south Texas.  He is a reasonable family guy, but he does get out of control sometimes and his mouth gets him in big trouble.  He confronts a rival vendor "Rodrigo" throughout, he tangles with wrestlers, and... and... well you get the idea.   He does finally try to get some help for his Anger Management.  It's cultural, comical. and hopefully inspirational.   See link  Pulga Wars Trailer on youtube.

"Diabetes:  Goliath of the Rio Grande Valley"


2.  A Luz y Verdad Entertainment Documentary Film soon to also be released "Diabetes:  Goliath of the Rio Grand Valley"  It is an investigation of the dreaded disease that is at near epidemic levels among Hispanics in this deep South Texas area along the Mexican border.  Nutrition, exercise, cultural influences, community, educational support are all researched for their contributions confront and slay this "Beast" that not only assails the Valley, but the entire world.  A modern medical intervention through Bariatric programs in hospitals are seeing actual CURES OF DIABETES with their procedures geared towards weight loss for their obese patients



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